Too cool for school

We all have that friend, the one who just has that ability to find the coolest of the cool, well to be honest that's also most probably totally the wrong thing to say too! 

Here is a collection of rare finds, the kind of toys and games you will only find in the most special of places.

We have sourced with care beautiful keepsakes for newborns with the most stylish of parents all the way from Tokyo.

To games and toys that are both full of style but also great to play with for the fussiest of teens.

Sold out

Rollarama: World football


Ransom Notes

Sold out

Music Box Over the Rainbow


Tattoo pen set - You're the artist


Music Box Edelweiss

Sold out

16 Magic markers in a box


Pyraminx Crystal


Ocean Logic Game



£ 30.00 £25.00

Times Tables Flashcards


Magnetic Alphabet Play Set


Street art Puzzle


Small Tattoo Pen Set - Limited edition Cat


Forest Mushrooms Basket

Sold out


£ 39.99 £32.00

XXL - Colouring poster - Atlas


Dinosaur Logic Game

Sold out

Small Soap Maker set Kitty


You Can't Say Umm


Travel 4 In A Row

£ 18.00 £15.00

What came first?

£ 20.00 £18.00

Tribal Colour In Snapback


Mini Puzzle Tropical


Dinosaur Flash cards

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