Natural performer

Ready to perform and create at the drop of a hat!

The free mover to the beat of any tune. Make-believe, storytelling, pretend and dress up games are their favourite. Naturally strong willed, natural performers when in the right environment. You will find them most at home either planning their next performance or designing the costumes and set for the next school play.

These kids are naturally creative artists, actors, singers, dancers, writers of the very best stories and entrepreneurs. We have curated a range of some of the best theatrical and creative gifts and toys to encourage their creativity and flair, plus games to encourage theatrical side.

Herd Mentality Mini


Nail polish colour maker set


Little Peeps Tommy Toadstool


Dino Dump game


Shadow puppets


Lilly the unicorn Mask


Sounds Fishy Travel Version


Rex the Dinosaur mask


Little Peeps Poppy Strawberry


Unicorn Face Mask - bright


Little Red Riding Hood Magnetic Theatre

Sold out

Extreme parachutist - assorted colours


My first farm


Little doctor bag for Alice


Sound telephone


Velvet Colouring set - Lily


Velvet Colouring set - Kawai

Sold out

Theatre and shadow puppet set.


9 Gel Crayons to watercolour


Camera with light


Pebble Painting kit

Sold out

Scrawl 12+


Tattoo pen set - You're the artist


Alice vixen and family set

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