Non-stop kid

Future sport star, the gymnast or dance prodigy.

Ants in their pants and with boundless energy, is one way to describe this little athlete, this child just needs to move, all day long! Great at sports, they love being part of the team, or to shake loose and go alone at their chosen challenge.

Their love for all things sport is their superpower, this child could be a future Olympian and should be encouraged to learn through their love of movement! We have picked a fabulous sporty range of toys to engage their play outside and in, and games to feed their love of sport when they can’t be out and about.

Pocket Swing


OK Play


Champions mini table football


Dynacu-be - the ultimate fidget toy that looks great too!


Dino Dump game


4 Egg Bath Bombs - Cluck Cluck


Glow-in-the-dark meterorites


Rex the Dinosaur mask


P for Pizza


Bio Plastic Sand Set In Gift Box

£ 23.99 £22.99

Crackling Bath Salts, Blue


Robot face mask


Glow in the dark bouncy ball


Rainbow Kite


My first farm


Extreme parachutist - assorted colours


Highwaykick 1 - Rose Scooter


Balloon Powered Boat


Egg and spoon race


Highwaykick 1 - Forest Scooter


Pebble Painting kit


Superhero Face mask

Sold out

Box of 3 juggling balls


Hide-and-seek Periscope

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