Future Rocket Scientist

The inventive, inspiring wonderkid

This kid is a prodigy in the making, they are determined to know it all and share all that they learn along the way. Their intellect and boundless energy for all things technical will surely put them on the path of being our next scientific or mechanical genius.

Nurture this flair with our selection of brain teasing games and gifts, we will hold your hand through this gift giving process and ensure that this bundle of brilliance also receives gifts that will excite and engage any future rocket scientist out there, whatever the age!

Sold out


Sold out

Bath Bomb Maker set


Nail polish colour maker set


OK Play


Mayhem at the library Puzzle


Dynacu-be - the ultimate fidget toy that looks great too!

Sold out

Glow-in-the-dark meterorites


P for Pizza


My botanical press


Dino Dump game


4 Egg Bath Bombs - Cluck Cluck


Hook and Ring Battle


Bath Bomb Galaxy

Sold out

Nature fun Exploration Set


Junior Colourbrain

Sold out

Koa Koa Make A Flashlight



£ 12.00 £10.00

My first farm


Morph's Egg


Cork building blocks, Architects set 60 pieces.


Little doctor bag for Alice

Sold out

Kitpas for Bath Rice Wax Crayon 10 Colours


Clever Cat Memory Game

Sold out

Camera with light

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