Wild child

Brave bold and with a love of the outdoors.

Fearless, heroic and always looking to explore, this child needs no encouragement to climb that mountain, go for a wild swim whatever the weather or even have a go at parkour. Courageous, bright-eyed daring and enchanting. This child could never be discouraged from having the best of times and is always on the go.

Their courage is their beauty and should be given a platform nurtured and treasured. We have chosen toys and games to encourage this wild child to enjoy the outdoors, and for those days when they’ve just got to be inside something to entertain their wild side and inquisitive minds, or the tools to plan their next adventure.

Sold out

Pocket Swing


OK Play


Champions mini table football

£ 32.50 £29.00

4 Egg Bath Bombs - Cluck Cluck


Shadow puppets

£ 13.00 £11.00

My botanical press


Rex the Dinosaur mask

£ 18.50 £16.50

Crackling Bath Salts, Blue


Bio Plastic Sand Set In Gift Box

£ 23.99 £22.99

Bath Bomb Galaxy


Glow in the dark bouncy ball

Sold out

Rainbow Kite

Sold out

Extreme parachutist - assorted colours


Highwaykick 1 - Rose Scooter

Sold out

Koa Koa Make A Flashlight

Sold out

My First Sticker Cards - Nature

£ 10.00 £8.00

Cork building blocks, Architects set 60 pieces.


Pom Pom Animals kit

£ 20.00 £19.00

Egg and spoon race


Clever Cat Memory Game

£ 20.00 £18.00

Tattoo pen set - You're the artist


Camera with light

£ 14.50 £13.50

Lets play jumping Bands - French skipping set

£ 12.99 £10.00

Lets play Bowling

£ 35.00 £27.00
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