Teens and tweens

Some say the toughest to buy for, but we say bring on the challenge. 

Our amazingly talented, just about to be unleashed into the adult world little firecrackers are the best to buy for in our view! It's so fun to spend time with their, huge opinions, new found interests, buckets full of sass, and best of all it's never a dull moment when around them.

So to celebrate our youngest adults we have curated a collection of great time takers from screens, games and crafts. All perfect for some of the most discerning gift critic's out there. 



Herd Mentality Mini

Sold out

Bath Bomb Maker set


Sun Catcher to Make

Sold out

Rollarama: World football

Sold out

Bathbomb - Comet

Sold out

Glow-in-the-dark meterorites


Mayhem at the library Puzzle

Sold out

16 Ultra washable felt tip pens


Dino Dump game


Ransom Notes


P for Pizza


Sounds Fishy Travel Version


Bath Bomb Galaxy


3 magic bouncy stones


Good face Bad face

£ 10.00 £7.00

Glow in the dark bouncy ball



£ 42.00 £35.00

9 Neon felt tip pens

Sold out

Koa Koa Make A Flashlight


Pyraminx Crystal


Morph's Egg


Box of 3 juggling balls

Sold out

Friendship Bracelet kit

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