5-8 Years

I'm at school, learning, playing the world is opening up to me. I love make believe role play, I love to create my own stories. I'm just starting to join in with family games, I'm full of beans and great at art.

This selection represents more complex play, all suited for play on the go, crafting and story telling, including a few family games.

Crafts for 5 year olds - Multi Activities


Phonics Flashcards


Fairy Mathilda in giftbox


Artist Laurel Digital Camera


Rookie Yale Digital Camera


4 Egg Bath Bombs - Cluck Cluck

Sold out

16 Magic markers in a box


Crackling Bath Salts, Blue

Sold out

Pocket Swing


Bath Bomb Maker set


Oceans Memory Match + Snap Game


Mini Puzzle Street Art


Times Tables Flashcards


4 Pieces of wooden Jewellery Secret Jungle


Koala Name Decoration to make


4 Message Jewellery Pieces to Create


Crafts for 5 year olds - Stickers & Decors


Keith Haring - Chess In A Wooden Box


Flower Embroidery Butterfly Mask

£ 23.00 £20.00

Happy Icons Colouring Placements

£ 12.95 £11.00

Little Peeps Molly Mermaid


9 Glitter Markers


Velvet Colouring set - Lily

Sold out

4 Pieces of wooden Jewellery Flower Garden

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A Binky is a hop and a skip of sheer joy.

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