Cuddly Friends

Welcome to the world of Cuddly Friends at Binky, where softness and warmth fill every hug. This category is home to an adorable collection of plush animals, from big cuddly toys that promise the cosiest embraces to charming little matchbox friends waiting to share in all your adventures. Perfect for gifting, snuggling, and creating comforting moments.

Baby Baba large knitted doll


Baby Bella Large knitted Doll


Bear Beau


Rabbit Robin pink in gift box


Little Peeps Binky Bunny


Little Peeps Poppy Strawberry


Little Peeps Tommy Toadstool


Raccoon Ritchie Grey


Stacy the Labradoodle in gift box


Rabbit doll Victorine

£ 44.99 £38.00

Butterfly WWF range

£ 29.99 £23.00

ECO Elephant floppy - WWF Range

£ 29.99 £23.00

Baby Beau Large knitted doll


WWF Lynx Beige


Herman the St. Bernard


Dolly the Ragdoll cat


Eddie the Siamese in giftbox


Bertha the American Bulldog in Gift Box

£ 42.00 £38.00

Cuddly Kitties


Fred the Bear Knitted toy


Stella's bed time ritual


My first farm


Little doctor bag for Alice


Baby Threads Cream Bunny

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