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It might be time for food, or getting on a little, there is always a time everyone wants to chill a little, and not be so wild. The best way to ensure everyone still enjoys their time is to have something at hand for kids to do.  Group arts and craft activities are a great thing to have up your sleeve to keep little hands busy at the table, and not looking at screens.

We have pulled together a curation of great sets and toys that can be enjoyed and played with as a group, they’re either large enough to allow lots of little hands join in, or can be split to enjoy individually.

Herd Mentality Mini


Nail polish colour maker set

Sold out

Mayhem at the library Puzzle


Little Peeps Tommy Toadstool


16 Ultra washable felt tip pens


Hook and Ring Battle

£ 20.00 £17.00



Little Peeps Poppy Strawberry


Bon appetit - Paper placemats


Little Red Riding Hood Magnetic Theatre


Junior Colourbrain

Sold out

Magnetic Alphabet Play Set


Pyraminx Crystal

£ 21.99 £20.00

9 Neon felt tip pens

Sold out

My First Sticker Cards - Nature

£ 10.00 £8.00

Night at the movies puzzle

Sold out

Theatre and shadow puppet set.


9 Gel Crayons to watercolour


Little Peeps Binky Bunny


My First Animated Music Box


DIY Wreath with Jewellery holder

£ 14.99 £12.99

My First Doll Amandine - 25cm


Weird Things Humans Search for Mini

£ 10.00 £7.00
Sold out

Giant Sticker Panorama - Seasons

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A Binky is a hop and a skip of sheer joy.

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