Bon Ton Toys

"You know, they tell me I’m the cutest doodle. And honestly, I agree.
I’m the perfect amount of fluff, mischief and cute.
And I have a great personality too. Not to mention brains.

And yes, I have done it all.
The backpacking through Europe and sailing across the Atlantic.
We climbed a few volcano’s here and there,
got our kicks on Route 66 and came back zen from a bunch of Bali retreats. Then got myself a steady career in modeling.
But you know, it’s just not doing it for me anymore. Always having to be cute.

So I decided I’m off! I’m taking a break and I leave for space next Wednesday. They don’t call me Stacy Spacey for nothing.

Don’t come looking for me!"

Not only the cutest gift but made filled with recycled PET too! All packed up in her very own rocket ready to blast off into someones arms! 

Plus Bon Ton Toys is the very first Global B Corp certified plush company!

Product details

Good to know

Product size

This plush measures 17cm in height


Dog plush in decorative  box

Ideal for

12 months + 

Not suitable for newborn babies


Boxed ideal for wrapping


Bon Ton Toys has been crafting the best quality plush for 90 years, this is a truly special gift. 

Bon ton Toys are the first ever Global B Corp certifies plush company

'With the shiniest fur, the surfiest bodies and softest paws almost 100 years later, they haven't changed a bit.'

This is keepsake gift designed and made to last for years

Bon Ton Toys are also a great manufacturer pushing the boundaries in use of Recycled fabrics and fillings.

This soft toy is filled with 100% recycled PET. 

A Binky is a hop and a skip of sheer joy.

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