Bon Ton Toys

"I love being alone in the dark. You? Want to know what I did last night?

First, I jumped on top of the counter to see if there was any leftover dinner. I love me some sardines.

Then obviously I needed a nap, so I chose a little corner on the couch.
After that, my legs felt a little restless so I decided I needed a little exercise. My workout routine contains: Jumping against the wall and
spinning around as fast as I can. Oh, and leaping for the highest part of the curtains and then slowwwwly droppingmyself. This is especially good for my biceps.

Afterwards I felt my muscles deserved somerelaxation, so I chose the hottest laptop I could find and dozed off. When I woke up, something smelled a little fishy? So I’m hiding in the first thing I could find. Don’t tell on me!"


Not only the cutest gift but made filled with recycled PET too! Packaged up in this sardine tin shaped gift box. 

Bon Ton Toys is the first ever Global B Corp certified plush company!

Product details

Good to know

Product size

This plush measures 17cm in height


Cat plush in  box

Ideal for

12 months + 

Not suitable for newborn babies


Boxed ideal for wrapping


Bon Ton Toys has been crafting the best quality plush for 90 years, this is a truly special gift. 

Bon Ton Toys is the first ever Global B Corp certified plush company.

'With the shiniest fur, the surfiest bodies and softest paws almost 100 years later, they haven't changed a bit.'

This is keepsake gift designed and made to last for years

Bon Ton Toys are also a great manufacturer pushing the boundaries in use of Recycled fabrics and fillings.

This soft toy is filled with 100% recycled PET. 

A Binky is a hop and a skip of sheer joy.

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