Get The Party Started

A collection to get the party started, fill in the time before everyone arrives, or simply break the ice? Kids need to warm up too! Especially if its a group they may not know well.. so here's a few idea's ready for our upcoming party weekend... dare I say it... Jubilee here we come!

So how about making crazy mask's to chase around in, or have body art just because! 

If you're a little younger, maybe share a tea party or head out to space for a pre party lunch? 

A little older work together to get the kites in the air or have a rocket or paper plane competition - who have beat the record? 

Or my fave, how about this for a novel idea? Our bathbombs are complexity nasty free & vegan plus smell divine, so who's for a multicoloured space themed paddling pool party? 

Lets get ready to go wild and have some fun? 


Lilly the unicorn Mask


16 Ultra washable felt tip pens


Giant tiger mask

£ 18.50 £14.00

9 Gel Crayons to watercolour


Rex the Dinosaur mask


9 Neon felt tip pens


Tattoo pen set - You're the artist


Tattoo pen set - Tribal


Space Tin Kitchen Set in Rectangular Case

£ 25.00 £18.00

Graffiti colour in Snapback Cap


Animals colouring pocket

£ 9.50 £8.00

Junior Colourbrain


Giant Jumbling Tower

£ 45.00 £39.00

Shoot for the Stars

£ 20.00 £16.00


Sold out

Scrawl 12+


Robot face mask


Block party

£ 24.99 £22.00

Colour Brain Mini


Ransom Notes

Sold out

The Muddles


What Next

£ 39.99 £33.00

Pebble Painting kit


Retro Shuffleboard Game

£ 39.99 £32.00
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