Big Potato Games

Big Potato is a board games company that's as versatile as its vegetable namesake. They turn their hands to everything from quiz games to party games, kids games to toys.

This indi games company has earned a reputaiton for developing decidedly differen, family-friendly party games that are quick to learn and easy to play - so perfect for any family games night.

From Big Potato: By changing the materials we use, we made 64% of our games plastic free in 2021. We’re reducing the amount of packaging we use in new and existing games, by shrinking the size of our boxes. Working with Ecologi, we’ll plant a tree for every single game we sell on our own shop. Check out Ecologi’s virtual forest here.



Herd Mentality Mini


OK Play


Mayhem at the library Puzzle


Ransom Notes


Dino Dump game




Hook and Ring Battle


P for Pizza


Sounds Fishy Travel Version



£ 30.00 £25.00

Good face Bad face

£ 10.00 £7.00

Junior Colourbrain


Night at the movies puzzle


Scrawl 12+


The Muddles


Cards V's Gravity Pro


Herd Moosic & Moovies

£ 20.00 £16.00

Day at the Festival Puzzle


Sounds fishy

£ 20.00 £18.00

Video Game Valley - puzzle


You Can't Say Umm


3 wise words card game

£ 15.00 £9.00

Colour Brain Mini

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