Here comes party month, May!


Here comes party month, May!

We have a wonderful month coming up, with so many holiday weekends and so much to celebrate.

Starting off with May Day, did you know that May Day or the first Monday in May only became a bank holiday in 1978 but its origins as a day of celebration go back over two thousand years! Falling between the spring equinox and summer solstice the Celts celebrated May Day as the first day of summer, calling it Beltane after the Celtic god of light. Across Europe many celebrations are centered on this auspicious day so what better time to celebrate all things outdoors, go a little wild, head outside and enjoy the delights of the dawn of summer.

Then the king’s coronation, with a whole weekend of celebrations to prepare for it’s important that everyone has a great time at every event. Whether attending a street party, having friends over or heading away for a long weekend. The best way to ensure everyone has the best time is by making sure that the little ones are kept entertained too! With our curated selection of activities, you can rest assured that the kids will be engaged and happy. Giving you the time to enjoy the weekend.

Then finally the very last weekend of May, with the half term holidays ahead of us what better time to head off to the seaside, or simply enjoy last hurrah of May? What a month! We will be diving into fun times by the sea, and on holiday later in the month so keep tuned in and signed up for more news.

But first some great party tips to keep parties’ fun for all!

Top party Tips:

Create a crafty corner.

Arts and crafts are a perfect way to keep little hands busy and minds entertained. Our group activities are designed to accommodate lots of little hands or can be split up for individual enjoyment. For example, we have giant posters that are fabulously illustrated and can be coloured in, with some even having stickers to add to the fun. The posters cover exciting topics like dinosaurs and under the sea, ensuring even the "wild child" will enjoy them.

The teddy bears can party too.

Role-play is another excellent way to keep the little ones entertained during the festivities. Our collection of tin tea setsand plush toys can provide the perfect setting for imaginative play. Children can pretend to have a tea party with their friends, complete with teacups, saucers, and teapots. Or set up their very own café with the Birds nest café or our clever kitchenette.

Add a little competition.

We all know dad’s and mums too like a bit of a play off, so how about a game Bowling or Petangue? Or maybe even an egg and spoon race? Games perfect for all ages, it will get the kids engaging with the adults, and who knows, you may had a Bowling super star in your midst.

Put on a show.

Great for our natural performers and curiously creatives, what better way to entertain your friends and family by putting on a show, we have lots to choose from, from shadow puppet sets to theatre’s. Or go crazy and have a masked parade! 

Make space for chill time.

Make a den for quite time away from the hustle and bustle, our P-L-U-G sets are fabulous to use, and don’t forget a new cuddly friend to invite to hunker down with? For for a new twist, consider pulling together a team to work on a jigsaw puzzle - this Day at the Festival one is great for some party entertainment. It's a great way for older kids to share their skills with little ones, and for little ones to learn something new. 

Create a beauty corner.

Hey we all need a little touch up at some point, especially at a party? So how about getting your curious and creative older kids engaged in a little self-care or for future rocket scientists, we have options like bath bomb kit, or even a nail varnish colour mixing set.

We have so many lovey curations of gifts and toys which will fit the bill, in the following collections, or revisit our posts from last year ‘Get prepared and make time to relax’ , ‘Summer party’ & ‘Let’s get the party started’

Look at our selection and set yourself up for a stress-free time. You too can kick back and relax while the kids are entertained. Maybe even get your nails done in the process!


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