Get the party started


Get the party started

We all want to get the party started, here's a collection of toys to do just that.

We've pulled together some ideas to fill in the time before everyone arrives, or simply break the ice? Kids need to warm up too! Especially if its a group they may not know well.. so here's a few idea's ready for our upcoming party weekend... dare I say it... Jubilee here we come!

So how about making crazy mask's to chase around in, or have body art just because! 

If you're a little younger, maybe share a tea party or head out to space for a pre party lunch? 

A little older work together to get the kites in the air or have a rocket or paper plane competition - who can beat the record? 

Or my fave, how about this for a novel idea? Our bathbombs are completely nasty free & vegan plus smell divine, so who's for a multicoloured space themed paddling pool party? 

Lets get ready to go wild and have some fun!

A Binky is a hop and a skip of sheer joy.

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