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Big Potato

The World's First Action-Adventure Game. Introducing What Next: a fully co-operative, 'Pick Your Path' adventure game with a physical twist.

Inside, you’ll find three action-packed adventures and over 60 dexterity challenges lying in wait. From puck flicking to shape building, each one is designed to stop you in your tracks and make your adventure a little more... perilous.

To win, you’ll just have to reach the end in one piece. Think you’ve got the skills to survive?

ADVENTURE AWAITS Work together to pick your path through three epic adventures and reach the end of the story in one piece.

60+ ACTION-PACKED CHALLENGES From puck-flicking to shape building to item balancing, master over 60 unique mini games as you go.

BEWARE, THE TOWER OF PERIL! Whenever someone fails a challenge, add a Peril Piece to the ‘Tower of Peril’. If it topples, it’s game over for everyone!

Game play 40 minutes

Players 1-4


Product details

Good to know

Product size

14 x 18 x 5 cm


Koala Cave Location Cards: 39, Cards: 24, Item Cards: 12 

The Skyscraper Caper Location Cards: 39, Cards: 24, Item Cards: 15 

Blinky's Great Escape Location Cards: 42, Cards: 29, Item Cards: 12 

12 Peril Pieces, 16 Item Pieces, 12 Shape Pieces, 3 Sundials, 1 triangle slider, 1 puck, 1 drawstring bag.

Ideal for

10 years +


Boxed ideal for wrapping


Big potato are making positive changes across they're business. They not only are investing into creating plastic free games, and products. They are working hard to reduce their footprint by reducing their packaging which has multiple benefits in both reducing material usage and also pollution in shipping. 

The bonus of this smaller packaging is that these games take up less space, but also make the games more portable.

If you lose or damage a game piece, Big potato will replace.

A Binky is a hop and a skip of sheer joy.

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