Looking for the perfect Silicone toy to take on holiday this summer or the perfect gift idea for your (or someone else’s) beach days. Look no further! 

Get your game on with the Scrunch Quoits! Perfect for a beach day, a park outing, or a relaxing time in the garden, this game is guaranteed to add some joy and fun to any occasion.  Just watch out for those Dad's they may well love this game a little too much! 
Based on the classic traditional game, to play Scrunch Quoits, simply position the ball on the ground, before throwing the silicone rings, aiming for it to land around the ball.  This game is brilliant for challenging and strengthening skills such as accuracy, hand-eye coordination, and gross motor skills. 

The Scrunch Quoits game includes 5 100% recyclable silicone rings and ball, along with a net bag with a wooden toggle for easy storage and transportation. 

Not only perfect for the beach but at home too, in the bath or at the pool with this babe being the perfect carrier for all your water toys too.. 

Pair this with the scrunch beach set and you're totally covered for the best holiday play time ever!

Product details

Good to know

Product Size

Rings 9.5cm diameter Ball 4.5 cm diameter


5 silicone rings, 1 silicone ball, mesh carry bag.

Ideal for

 3 years +


Reusable mesh bag with tag, a little tricky to wrap.


Made from 100% non-toxic, high grade silicone. Long lasting, versatile and tough plus dishwasher safe! 

About Scrunch - Scrunch is a company that have created a wide range of genius products that make life that little bit easier! Many of their products are made with silicone derived from sand, making them kinder to the planet and long-lasting. Their incredible buckets, sand moulds and watering cans are super flexible, making them easy to squish, fold, roll, and pack away, while allowing them to pop right back into shape. Their products are made to last, so you can wave the days of buying countless new buckets, spades and toys for each trip away, and say hello to a durable, sustainable, and super fun alternative!

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