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You have suddenly been appointed as the leader of a circus.

Using the members of your circus you must put together a show that will beat out your rivals. Everyone on your team has a specific role. To fill in the gaps on your team, try to scout members away from other circus groups!

With the addition of just one extra person you may set off an incredible chain reaction that helps you create a show that no other circus will be able to surpass.

Will you battle with your current members? Or will you wait it out and try to recruit different ones?

You will feel amazing when you make the right choices in this speedy card game!

Players: 2-5 players

Time: 15 mins

Product details

Good to know

Product size

3.5 x 11 x 6.5 cm


45 Cards, 23 Scout Chips, 30 Score Chips, 5 Scout & Show Chips, Starting Player Marker, Game Manual

Ideal for

9 years +


Small boxed ideal for wrapping, or a stocking


A plastic free small boxed game ideal for taking out and about for holidays or days out.

A Binky is a hop and a skip of sheer joy.

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