Owl & Dog Playbooks

Winner of the Wood Pencil Award for Children's Picture Books Design

Baby’s crying! One by one each member of the family tries to console her, but nothing seems to work. Only when the family work together do they finally manage to make her smile again.

This board book uses bold colours and a unique format, where each page is an overlapping semi-circular shape to create baby's and her family’s faces. The appearing and disappearing faces throughout the book's pages are a nod to peek-a-boo games and will encourage toddlers to be involved and interested. When closed shut, the book’s pages come together to form a giant rainbow, meaning that the book can be displayed frontally as a glorious decoration piece on the shelf.

About the Author

Claudio Ripol and Yeonju Yang met at the Royal College of Art in London while studying in 2002 and have been working in design and creative fields ever since. They bring their product design background into the world of children’s publishing to create their innovative playbooks.
Board Book

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15 x 25 cm 8 pages


Hard back story book

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Being read to is one of the most beautiful and important things we can do for children. 

To comfort them, and open their imaginations and teach them the beauty of reading.

In the words of Stephen King 'Books are portable magic'

A Binky is a hop and a skip of sheer joy.

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