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Looking good at 50!

Together with Professor Uwe Meffert, the inventor of the Pyraminx, we celebrate the Pyraminx’s golden anniversary with our transparent crystal rendition of the original classic puzzle.

Fast and smooth to turn, the Pyraminx can be twisted and rotated in a multitude of ways and has delighted puzzle lovers for decades. Each triangular face is split into nine smaller triangular sections - the challenge is to rotate the pieces to make each face showing only one colour.

The second best selling puzzle toy in the World after the Rubik's Cube with over 100 million pieces sold. This smart crystal version is perfect for any puzzle fan - the ultimate brain teaser!

Product details

Good to know

Product size

15 x 10 x 10 cm


Crystal plastic puzzle 

Ideal for

14 years +


Boxed ideal for wrapping


Unchanged for 50 years, this cristal version of a classic toy will engage for hours and entertain for years, teach problem solving, and can be passed on.

A Binky is a hop and a skip of sheer joy.

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