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The Rings and rocking base is an artisan wooden toy that provides developmental benefits to children. Its unique design encourages problem-solving and cognitive development, while its timeless aesthetic serves as a keepsake gift to cherish through the years. 

A perfect balance of quality and elegance, this permanence box is as much a work of art as a toy.

There is a wide range of the Montessori materials , Ring's Stacker is a learning material, which teaches baby's hand activity in the age around 8~9 months. Great enhancement in the motor skills that makes the movement of the little hand in a normal direction.

With continued use, the child develops a feeling of success when accomplishing set objectives.

Made out of Walnut & Maple wood finely sanded and sealed with natural oil, hand crafted and polished for quality. Please note that due to natural properties of the wood, Rings & Rocking base may vary in colour and tone.

Product details

Good to know

Product size

22 x 14.5 xm


one rocking peg and 3 rings

Ideal for

9 months + 

Do not leave child unattended when playing with this toy.


Delivered in a basic box designed for shipping, we would advise wrapping this toy whilst no using the box provided. Unboxing this toy will not effect its return.


A beautiful artisan toy, made from natural wood.

A Binky is a hop and a skip of sheer joy.

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