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Bon Ton Toys

Who run the world? Well when it comes to Lemurs, GIRLS! In a group of Lemurs, a female Lemur will be the leader. Something that rarely happens with mammals. Can this plush Lemur be your new best friend?

The WWF Plush Collection by Bon Ton Toys is a wide range of durable, life-like plush animals especially designed for The World Wide Fund for Nature. All plush animals are handmade, contain 100% recycled PET filling and are manufactured according to the highest standards when it comes to child safety and ethical production.

For every plush sold, a donation is made to WWF.

Product details

Good to know

Product size

This plush measures 23 cm in height


Lemur plush

Ideal for

12 months + 

Not suitable for newborn babies


Swing tag tricky to wrap


Bon Ton Toys has been crafting the best quality plush for 90 years, this is a truly special gift. 

'With the shiniest fur, the surfiest bodies and softest paws almost 100 years later, they haven't changed a bit.'

This is keepsake gift designed and made to last for years

Bon Ton Toys are also a great manufacturer pushing the boundaries in use of Recycled fabrics and fillings.

This soft toy is filled with 100% recycled PET. 

Manufactured by Bon ton toys the first every plush company to be Global B Corp Certified.

A Binky is a hop and a skip of sheer joy.

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