Are you looking for the perfect group of toys for a 12 month old baby! This is the perfect 1s birthday gift that will bring hours of play time! so treat them to this great collection of toys and your little one can head down to the pond and play with their new friends!

This play set – specifically designed to stimulate the senses – contains 4 fun early-learning toys.

  • The first is a wooden frog shape-sorter with its 3 colourful babies: each of the slot-in shapes provides a different sensory activity (mirror effect and coloured filters) and a distinct colour to help your child solve their first shape-sorting toy. For an even richer sensory experience, 3 different-textured fabrics are also included. Hide them in the shape-sorting box and let baby grab them by reaching inside!
  • The second is a 3-part round pond-themed pyramid with 2 wooden duck figurines: ideal for stimulating fine motor skills and encouraging interactions with baby!
  • The box also includes a cloud-shaped wooden rain stick which is sure to arouse your toddler's curiosity: its rounded shape is perfect for holding and the small coloured beads are fascinating to look at.
  • Last but not least, there’s the adorable wooden puzzle: it comprises 3 pieces that can easily be grasped by their pegs and will prompt baby to discover the pond inhabitants who like hiding beneath the multi-sized water lilies.

At 1 years of age, babies will discover the world and love to experiment. Janod have  worked closely with a psychomotor specialist to offer a box filled with early-years toys that go hand in hand with the developmental pace of your little one.

As a result, these durable wooden toys are sure to stimulate their sight, hearing, vocabulary and fine motor skills: structured development is key! The detailed booklet found inside the Janod Box will help you ensure your little one makes the most of these early-learning games. 

Product details

Good to know

Product size

35 x 12 x 25 cm


1 frog shaped shape sorter in wood, with three wooden sensory slot in shapes and 3 different textured fabric squares. 3-part round pond-themed stacking pyramid made from card with 2 wooden duck figures. one cloud shaped wooden rain stick. One three piece wooden puzzle.

Ideal for

12 months +


Boxed ideal for wrapping


Manufactured using water based paint and wood from FSC certified forests. 

A perfect milestone gift, which will entertain for hours.

A Binky is a hop and a skip of sheer joy.

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