We're going on a road trip!


We're going on a road trip!

Many of us are just about head off on road trip or long journey this summer, maybe abroad or within the UK, often by car, these road trips can quickly turn to mayhem if you don’t get prepped before you head off, so check out some of our top Binky tips to keep the peace on that family road trip.

First things first, let’s be transparent about car sickness! This is not a trip you jump into knees deep and hope for the best if you know one traveller may suffer all the way. There are plenty of remedies and many kids do grow out of travel sickness so find your limits and work with them!  If all else fails, join the hip young things and go interrailing!

Top tips for a road trip

Make it comfy! 

Your back seat may look like the inside of a Bedouin tent, but the kids will be settled and relaxed, which will lead to a better journey all round. Don’t forget pillows, cuddly friends and a blanket, plus a just in case a change of clothes at hand. 

Just make sure those seatbelts stay fastened!

Get lost in Audio Books and Podcast’s!

Plan ahead get downloading, there are so many options for all ages, a good audio book will keep everyone entertained for hours as will a podcast so long as they’re chosen well, suitable for little ears and will entertain everyone. 

Make a playlist!

There is always a great song that will get everyone singing along! So, get your DJ head on and get a family playlist together – ensure to cover everyone’s tastes, yes even Dad’s old man’s music counts too!

Relax the snack rule.

Long car journeys require a few allowances, we’re not condoning a sweetie fuelled trip for your sanity especially with little ones and there are certain snacks we would def advise to ideally avoid anything too fatty, dairy filled and could ruin your car seats, so no chocolate sorry! Ensuring everyone stays hydrated and content is key. 

Yes, to fun filled stops! 

Plan ahead, check out where you can stop, try to avoid service stations and head to the park with a picnic if you can, or try a farm shop, there are plenty of great books out there listing out great places to stop just off the motorway – so support small businesses, have some fun along the way and let the kids burn off some steam! This is a great book for the UK – The extra mile 

Screens and headphones

Let’s be honest, there will be times when you will need some quiet too, be careful especially with little ones. Invest in a holder that fits over the front seats, looking down at a screen will easily induce travel sickness. Plus ensure to download, you can never guarantee mobile coverage.

It’s not a race, take your time. 

Some of my best childhood holiday memories, were made stopping off for a night on the way to or from our destination. B and I regularly stop off together when we’re traveling somewhere, Glasgow is our current favourite city. It’s such a treat and delight to head out for an evening, on the way home somewhat like a little holiday bonus, plus you get to explore another place on your way!

Google maps, is your best friend! 

Being reliant on paper maps from experience is a recipe for an all-out car war. If your abroad invest in roaming or download your route before you leave and do take a just in case paper map. Journey arguments will never add to the rich tapestry of your family holiday, trust me I know!

Get the games ready! 

From mechanical puzzles to magnetic story games, to games designed just for car journey’s like this Magnetic travel game, on the road. Where you can race to find all the items illustrated on your magnetic boards.  Check out our travel games selection for more options!

Plus a good old game of eye spy or the story game will always entertain, if you want some more free road trip game ideas take a look here. 

Enjoy the ride! 

I dare you, take in the moment, and the view, and enjoy!

A Binky is a hop and a skip of sheer joy.

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