Two wheels, endless possibilities.


Two wheels, endless possibilities.

'Nothing Compare to the simple pleasure of riding a bike' John F Kennedy, 35th President of the United States

I grew up in North Yorkshire, in a small village with not many other children so my bike gave me independence, the ability to visit places and friends I would not have been able without my bike. When I became a teenager, it was the only way to get into the local town apart from catching lift from my Mum.

The feeling zooming down country lanes during my summer holidays going for picnics, seeking out new places to explore and the feeling of pure freedom and independence is something I still hold dear…. Now every time I head out on a bike even in London, I instantly embrace my inner child, head straight back to my childhood adventures and… the freedom to explore. It’s not just me either, so many have similar stories as I’m sure you might too. So give your children the gift of freedom and get them on a bike early.

So get your kids out on their bikes and gift them freedom too, you don’t even have to start with to a bike, it could be a scooter, a trike then a balance bike. What better way to get outside and enjoying the summer than on a couple of wheels?

With #BikeWeekUK upon us, we would like to highlight the benefits of introducing little one to two wheels early on. Starting young helps them master the skills of balance and coordination sooner.

The first step to learning how to ride a bike is building confidence, and this is why we love Trybike because it ensures a safe learning environment. With its sturdy design and adjustable settings, it provides a gentle introduction to cycling, allowing kids to learn at their own pace. Firstly, on a tricycle and then when they have built their confidence you can easily convert your tricycle into a balance bike. 

Full of confidence gained, Balance bikes teach young riders to maintain balance naturally and safely, boosting their confidence without the need of training wheels. Ensuring when the time is right that the transition from balance bike to big bike is easy and smooth… so you too can watch your little one’s glide and grow!

A Binky is a hop and a skip of sheer joy.

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