Toddling into Christmas with pre-schoolers too


Toddling into Christmas with pre-schoolers too

 It is truly magical when your child ‘gets’ Christmas, depending on if there are older siblings or nursery this will be anytime between 24-36 months with full peek sparkle of Christmas being when kids are around 4 & 5 years old and from then on your on the polar express to Christmas joy!

Sometimes for a parent it really can feel like you’re on a runaway train to Christmas calamity, especially when you’re working full time, juggling can be tough!

You too can be Santa’s happiest helper this Christmas, and with these tips you’ll be more likely to glide through to Boxing day, enjoying the ride without yule tide burnout!

Tips for a merry toddle through the festive season:

Hold back a little, don't Christmas too early. Your little one will be on Christmas overload at Nursery and everywhere you might go, keep home a sanctuary of peace for as long as you can. Or they’ll be over Christmas before you’ve even begun!

Christmas crafting and themed play the few days up to the big day are great to get everyone in the mood plus reignite any waning merrymakers, plus keep little tinkerers busy and engaged!

Heading to see Santa, most parents have a black book, its tricky but the priority is to choose to wisely, remind your little one of their lists just before they head on up, and don't go too close to the big day, as Christmas eve emergency toy shopping is never a good plan!

Build your big gifts and early, don’t expect a flat pack dolls house or Kitchen to hit the mark! Spending your Christmas eve building that kitchen / trampoline / bike in earnest is just miserable, I know, please try to avoid at all costs! 

To stocking or not to stocking? Stocking all the way! It really is the highlight of many children's Christmas. Fill with little nuggets of joy like Playdough presses or rolls of paper with crayons ready to enjoy and entertain on Christmas day. Plus, always a must for us, a Christmas cuddly new friend, Christmas day can be overwhelming so a new little friend can really help! 

Do put food out for the reindeers and look for the international space station AKA Santa's sleigh zooming across the sky just… maybe with a bell or two in your pocket (sneaky)! This year it may be a little early for those living in the south of the UK but there's nothing stopping you from doing an early morning look out to get the kids in full festive mood! Track the ISS here

Another fun activity is to track Santa using the Norad Santa site.

Present fatigue is real for toddlers, don’t over gift, they will feel totally overwhelmed, let them go at their own pace. They will receive lots of gifts from family and friends, … pop over to our 5-gift rule it’s a great start!

Christmas gifting may well tumble into Boxing Day it’s not a race let them play! In a few years’ time you will experience frenzied unwrapping and wish back for calmer times!

Try the gift that keeps giving all year round and gift experiences a trip out or annual memberships to a zoo, petting farm, or indoor play centre will create memories that will last a lifetime for everyone!

A Binky is a hop and a skip of sheer joy.

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