The art of the stocking


The art of the stocking

Some say the stocking is the main event, I say the most exciting and wonderful pocket of joy and little presents, that will keep children entertained for hours. Be it  a stocking or a pillowcase, or maybe something entirely different. I suppose it doesn’t really matter it’s the joy the stocking brings that counts. As a child my pillowcase really was the highlight of the day, albeit often opened at 5am and I guess many years even earlier in the morning. When I was a little older I started organising my little sisters ‘stocking’, I think this started me on my journey of loving all things Christmas..

The thrill of waking and finding a stash of gifts, full of surprises and glee, a gateway into what might be waiting for under the tree is one of my most beloved childhood memories.  This little tradition is so very important, so we have pulled together a fabulous little range of small sized presents and some bundles of gifts so to get the stocking gifting on its way.

In our home the stocking is always from Santa, with one or two gifts from our parents, or family that will fit. The stocking should be full of fun, or little things that could be useful of Christmas day. Always a great spot for a pair of novelty socks or Christmas themed something that can be worn or used that day. This also allows the big gifts to be from parents & family, especially important this year.

Also, if you can place one or two items from their Christmas list, something you know they have really coveted, but make sure it doesn’t blow the surprise of the main present, a teaser one would say. If you have a gamer, this could be that Nintendo switch game they’ve asked for, This will also give them something to play with before everyone get up…

Some other pointers, silly but super useful. Avoid glitter at all costs, a bed full of glitter is nobody’s friend. Try to go for things that wont spill, sorry slime fans slime in the bed is also not great. Do keep the sweets to a minimum, its really tempting to stuff that stocking with sweet goodies but believe me you will pat yourself on the back afterwards if you don’t…

One last thing, a little tradition of my own I have always topped my daughters stocking with a new soft toy, something super huggable, Christmas day can be hectic with everyone full of beans and wanting to have fun. For our smallest this can be a little unsettling, so a new friend to comfort can be just what’s needed.

The most important thing though is to enjoy filling your pocket of joy, it will create some of the most wonderful Christmas memories and set the scene for the day. So, make your kids stocking the highlight of Christmas day, fill if full of beautiful and fun things they will cherish, and pass on to them the joy of Christmas morning, albeit when its earlier than you ever thought possible!

A Binky is a hop and a skip of sheer joy.

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