Starting school or back again, lets build some confidence


Starting school or back again, lets build some confidence

Back We’ve been out and bought shiny new shoes, a new school bag, and we’re nearly set for school! There’s a sense of excitement and anticipation in the air, not only for our kids but us too!  For some though there may be a few butterflies fluttering in their tummies, and a little worry and the nerves have set in… Here’s some top tips to get those nerves in check and confidence up for the next few weeks:

Back to School: Top Tips for building confidence

Smile: A smile goes a long way, seriously! We all know people respond more positively to a smiley face and research suggests that smiling sends a message to your brain that your relaxed and happy, so should make them feel calmer and more approachable. 

Don’t show your nerves! All parents are nervous when their little ones (and big ones) are starting their new school. The trick is to stay positive, even if inside you’re a trembling wreck. If you show your nervous in any way, they will feel that and feel nervous too. We’re the ones who keep them safe. So, keep every interaction about school positive! 

Start with trying new things then….Make it about trying new things: It could be a new play park, choosing new books at the library, or an extra flavour on their pizza it’s as simple as that, take small steps and open the door to new things, it will open their consciousness that new things and a little independence is great fun!

Don’t make starting school all about being a ‘big girl / boy’ and being brave. Feelings are feelings and if your child is scared, it will knock their confidence to be told its about being grown up. Tell them instead starting school is about trying new things, making new friends, and learning new skills. 

Head out make friends: Get out to your local park, swimming baths or events, encourage your child to talk to the other kids, this is great practice for their first few weeks at school and will build their confidence. You may even meet a new classmate before they start! 

A little independence: Let them make choices, like choose their new school shoes, shirts and kit. Give them a little freer reign in the play park. See what they can achieve on their own, and show them you have confidence in them. This will build their confidence hopefully get them to have a go when they get into school.

Build your confidence too: Get yourself out there too, talk the new parents and introduce yourself, kids learn from you and even if it goes against every part or your own personality, get yourself out of your comfort zone and reap the rewards of a whole new potential group of friends! 

Allow kids to fail: To learn how to fail is a great skill for life, empathise when something has gone wrong or they've had a bad day. Remember to listen and work out how to make things right together. Sometimes a big hug and a good cry can be the best remedy, and that’s ok.

Only sweat the big stuff: If you’re a little late to school in the first couple of weeks, or something goes a little wrong or gets forgotten... Don’t get stressed out, try to stay calm and positive. It is tough when all you want to do is make a great impression, but generally no one will remember or get into trouble. But a stressed-out parent or carer will only create tension and add to the nerves.

Be their biggest cheerleader: I’m sure you already are, but for the next couple of months don’t miss a beat of your cheerleading drum! Catch every positive and they will fly into school on the crest of your positivity wave! Believe in your child and celebrate their accomplishments with them, will help build their confidence. Even if they are not feeling confident themselves, you can for them it will help them see their potential. 

Good luck! Get ready for the ride, oh and the tiredness… next stop back into the routine!







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