School residential trip, here we go!


School residential trip, here we go!

It’s this time of year when many schools including primary take year groups away for a residential trip. For many this outing is the highlight of the year, for some it really isn’t!

For parents of the children who counting down the days with glee to head off on to their adventures the next few days or weeks until the trip will be fraught with trying to calm your kids down. For the others it may well be weeks of negotiation and reassurance that the trip will be ‘just great’.

So how do you cope if there is dread around the school residential? Firstly, you know our child, and no teacher will want for ‘force’ a child along who is nervous or upset at the prospect of being away. So be honest with your school and explain your position, they can help and will have plenty of experience in running these trips so speak to your teacher!

If it is becoming traumatic don’t enforce a trip, this scenario will not end well and may ensure that every future trip is dreaded.  In readiness for the next opportunity, try some sleep overs maybe a group weekend away with friends & children the same age.  Replace the fear with joyful experiences and hopefully next year your little one will be game.

So on to the prep, here’s some tips from Binky:

The priority is to ensure our littlest travellers head off on their trips with the right kit and having had plenty of sleep, as there is one guarantee there won’t be much sleeping done while they’re away. Read the kit list from school and check it again, and don’t send them off with new shoes or clothes if possible – School trips are often rumpus times so don’t expect clean anything when they return, and don’t risk sore feet! 

Most schools will not allow sweets, and may not even like you to pack snacks – so ask, if you have a fussy kid or a constant snacker, speak to the school and ask if they will carry snacks for you to ensure that they have something you’re little one will eat on hand. 

If your child has an allergy or intolerance, remind all the teachers and team members personally who are traveling with your child, risk assessments will have been done but a personal touch will be appreciated. 

Pack books & a book light and / or a torch – our little sun lights are great for this or our wind-up torches are great too.

A little travel game is also a great addition but ensure to pack something that is quick and easy to play – P for pizza is a great option and now we even have P For pizza kids menu which is especially designed for our smaller gamers, or Ok play we have a fabulous selection of travel games to check out too. 

Being a mum of a verruca prone child, we have always packed flip flops or some other water shoe suitable for the shower – I've always found school trips to be a hot spot for picking up a new infection. 

Finally to teddy or not to teddy, ask your little one but don’t send them off with their most precious of fluffy friends. If they sleep nightly with someone to cuddle now is not the time to try to sleep without; but send them off with a handpicked stand in. Or even a little new friend as a gift..

Soon enough they will be home! 

They will be T I R E D!

A Binky is a hop and a skip of sheer joy.

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