Me & Mine


Me & Mine

Within this week’s curation I would like to talk about Me & Mine, one of the brands we are so very proud to stock at Binky. One of the nicest things we have learned while setting up our store is that there are so many truly inspirational brands out there, Me & Mine is one of them.

Based in Barcelona and created by Isabela & Olga their intention for Me & Mine was to create products which would strengthen the links between children and adults. Me & Mine create traditional toys with a modern twist because their vision is the traditional toys perfectly provide that role, timeless games like the ones that we all played when we were children, as did our parents and now we can pass our heritage of play & enjoyment onto our kids.



These beautiful toys have been designed using modern colours but sticking to their traditional design they have all been made in small batches by artisan makers all based within the region, using the very best materials, the wood is all FSC certified, and all paints are eco-friendly. 

In celebration we are offering the subscribers of our newsletter 20% discount on all Me & Mine products for the next two weeks.

A Binky is a hop and a skip of sheer joy.

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