Hop in to Easter with a Binky


Hop in to Easter with a Binky

Clocks changing with CHOCOLATE? Who thought that would be a good idea… Oh no!

Wowsers, parents we are in for a treat of this Easter Sunday! So, let’s get set Easter should be about fun not just sweets with Easter crafts in hand or getting outside now spring has sprung, we've pulled together some great tips for the holidays! 

Did you know that the word Easter is derived from ‘Ostara', 'Eastre' or 'Eostre' who was the goddess of renewal and rebirth, and timed to align with the first Sunday following a full moon after the spring equinox which is on the 21st of March.

Eggs represent new life and rebirth; the understanding is that this custom was absorbed into Easter celebrations. During Lent, when Christians fasted to mark Jesus' time in the wilderness, eggs were one of the foods that people weren't allowed to eat, so now you also know why we eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday!

Easter is super early this year and I don’t know about you, but it has all come a little by surprise – So we thought let’s share some family friendly tips so you too Binky into the best Easter!

The thing about the bunny and those eggs!

Does the easter bunny have to just leave sweets and chocolate? We know Willy Wonker’s going to hate us but…NO… Easter gifts don’t need to be chocolate or confectionary based at all! How about buying a crafty gift, or a new game to bring some family fun to Easter day or even better..

Introduce the easter treasure hunt to your day 

The easter egg hunt can still be lots of fun! Who’s up for a treasure hunt? With clues with riddles. The prise, one big easter egg at the end of the hunt. 

If you’re catering for little ones who may lose track or interest add in little trinkets along the way. This can be anything from charms through to crafty bits. Or flip the chocolate leave a trail of tiny eggs all the better for little people with a gift at the end, a toy or a boardgame. If there’s a group of kids a game, they can all play, and some little crafty kits would be a fabulous haul of easter treasure. 

It's such a great way to get all the kids involved, plus a great way to get your community together so how about inviting the kids in the street / block or even village (if it’s not too big), hunts don’t need to be outside either… but… with only one rule, lots of fun and a prise at the end! 

The rest of easter day, should be fun for everyone! Plus, with this year being an early easter, plan for some family time… do ensure little hands are kept busy. We have some lovely colouring placemats to help keep little ones busy at the table this easter Sunday. Then ensure to have plenty of family games to keep everyone entertained. 

Do plan to get out for an hour or so, it will steer the day away from the chocolate, try to have something new to do outside within the kids easter haul, check out our outside toys for some great ideas. 

The holidays! 

Easter Crafts, are some of the best! 

A lovely way to reinvigorate your home, so get some colours together and create some lovely easter or spring inspired decorations

Get ready for warmer days! 

This time of year, is also the ideal time for growing seeds ready to plant out when the days are warmer? If you’re a planting novice there are plenty of kits out there to get inspired by we particularly love the Pot Gang, where you can buy everything you need to become a little green fingered garden genius. They also offer a subscription service. 

Head out and explore spring! 

In Billy Connolly’s words ‘I hate all those weathermen, too, who tell you that rain is bad weather. There's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing, so get yourself a sexy raincoat and live a little.’ 

Check out all the buds of spring only just emerging, take joy in the countryside starting to wake up, head out well dressed and with a pocket swing, and do some nature exploring

For the love of baking! 

Not one year have all the easter treats been eaten on the day, so get baking! It doesn’t have to be just cornflake crispy cakes either, though they are pretty good! 

Try out Easter egg brownies or cookies are a real treat! Simply swap out the chocolate chunks with easter egg chocolate and enjoy your chocolate treat! 

Or if you fancy an indulgent warmer after your outdoor fun – easter egg chocolate makes a super hot chocolate drink. Simply warm some milk in a pan and slowly melt your chocolate until you have a wonderful chocolate drink. 

DIY projects need not spoilt the fun...

Oh Easter the 4 day weekend traditionally handed over to that DIY project or two, with kids in tow everything can get a little fraught. So stem the frustration and create a play area for them to feel involved too. If you've got your tools out, our play tool bench may well fit the bill. Fixing some curtains? We have wonderful textile crafts to play along with too.. Decorating we have just the thing, one of our fabulous XL posters pinned to the wall is the perfect play along for hours! 

Wishing you all a wonderful, warm and fun easter break! With a Binky or two!

A Binky is a hop and a skip of sheer joy.

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