Gifting and giving, paying it forward from day one.


Gifting and giving, paying it forward from day one.

I hope you can forgive us; we have been holding something back, something we hope might be a little antidote to those January Blues.

When starting the journey to launch Binky our vision was to create a brand for Children that supported families to spend more time together plus gave back to charities and community. Gifts and toys with a purpose of being consciously kind not only to the planet, and in turn to children and their families.

We believe gifting teaches children the enjoyment of giving, not only does giving and receiving gifts provide children a huge amount of self-worth, but this enjoyment of giving can also easily teach the importance and pride that giving to charity can bring.

At Binky we are incredibly passionate about children’s wellbeing and happiness, play is a massive part of supporting children’s development, especially if they are going through a tough time. Play can transport kids to their imaginations, help them develop and learn skills and coping strategies if they are having a bad time.

This is why Binky donating to charity, specifically Children’s charities is massively important to us.

We have always believed start as you mean to go on. So last year we started supporting Children’s Charities even though we only just launched. The best bit is, in turn by buying lovely gifts and Toys from Binky, you have helped us pay it forward, and we will continue to do this every year.

The Charities we have supported in 2022

Well Child Awards September 8th 2022

In June we were approached by the team at the Well Child Charity and asked in we might like to provide gifts for the children who where being recognised at their award ceremony in September. We jumped at the chance to send gifts!

The Well Child Awards, celebrate the inspirational qualities of the UK's seriously ill children and young people, along with those who go that extra mile to make a difference to their lives.

We provided gifts to every child who gained recognition at the Well child awards and donated well over £500 of toys, games, and soft toys to the 9 children and young adults who had been recognised for their inspirational achievements, caring, or deserving special recognition.

It was such an honour to bring joy to children who had achieved so much. Plus, a huge privilege to be asked to support such amazing people especially as we had only just launched as a business. 

Please visit the Well Child Awards site here to learn more about this inspirational 

Great Ormond Street Hospital Patient Christmas Party Gifts: 

In December we were contacted by the charity team at GOSH Charity inviting us to support their gift giving this Christmas for the patients at their planned Patient Christmas parties, we jumped at the chance to support such an important charity, and more so to support and help bring joy to the child patients at Great Ormond Street.

The parties are a Christmas treat for children currently at the hospital and those who have been cared for at GOSH over the last year. They give children and their families the chance to spend time together away from the ward, to have fun, make memories and to focus on something other than their treatment.   At the end of the parties each child received a goodie bag of gifts. We were so happy to have provided sets of soft clay modelling sets, with a total of £400 dotation. 

Please visit the GOSH charity site here to learn more about the hospital and the charity supporting it.

The Toy Project: 

The toy project is a charity who helps so many, not only by recycling toys and stopping them heading to land fill but supporting community projects and children by way of creative and community events plus providing much needed gifts and toys for families that might not be able to provide them at Christmas and through the year. They also help children and their families and carers in Grenada by running educational and support projects including sending toys to Children who need them.

We originally approached and partnered with the Toy Project based in North London, with our Christmas campaign ‘Give a gift, get a Gift’.  As Christmas was approaching and with the cost-of-living crisis deepening, we decided that even if our campaign had not achieved what we had wanted that we would donate toys to the Toy Project Toy Appeal, so we donated around £400 of toys. Binky will continue to donate toys through the year and at Christmas plus look for wider campaigns to launch via to increase awareness and donate further this year, so please watch this space! 

Please visit the Toy project site here to learn more about the great work they do, plus if you live in North London how to donate Toys or contribute to their great cause directly.

Thank you for supporting Binky this past year, we truly hope that you have enjoyed your gifts and toys. Please continue to support us, and we look forward to paying your support forward to these amazing charities in 2023.

Display showing contents of the Well child gift bags.

A Binky is a hop and a skip of sheer joy.

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