Get prepared and make time to relax


Get prepared and make time to relax

Ideas to keep everyone happy, when its time to not go wild!

It might be time for food, or getting on a little, there is always a time everyone wants to chill a little, and not be so wild. The best way to ensure everyone still enjoys their time is to have something at hand for kids to do.  Group arts and craft activities are a great thing to have up your sleeve to keep little hands busy at the table, and not looking at screens.

We have pulled together a curation of great sets and toys that can be enjoyed and played with as a group, they’re either large enough to allow lots of little hands join in, or can be split to enjoy individually.

We have these fabulously illustrated giant posters to colour in, and some even have stickers to find their place, who doesn’t like stickers? Especially if they’re on a poster!  Even the ‘wild child’ will enjoy our posters, where they can immerse themselves with the dinosaurs or under the sea.

There’s a great selection of scratch and colouring cards that can completed and taken home, just make sure you have colouring pens, or extra scratch tools.  You can use bamboo paddle skewers, which work just as well.

Or let’s think of something new? Pull together a team to investigate a complicated jigsaw puzzle, perfect to engage that nonstop kid, it’s also a great way for older kids to share their skills with little ones, and for little ones to learn something new.

For the older curiously creatives or future rocket scientist’s, how about making soap or lip balms, my favourite is the nail varnish colour mixing set, mix your colours then set up a nail bar pop up? Or for the natural performers let them put on a show with our shadow puppet theatre.

So, take a look, get yourself set, to you too can kick back while the kids are entertained and enjoy the chill, maybe get your nails done?

A Binky is a hop and a skip of sheer joy.

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