For the love of plush, Doggy and Polly too..


For the love of plush, Doggy and Polly too..

Holiday time, when our kids favourite cuddly friends, might be about to go on an adventure with us, and hopefully make their way home too!

Introducing Doggy and Polly.

Doggy has travelled far, and I am so very relieved Doggy is still with us!

Doggy has been in our lives since 2014 you can see him in the picture bellow, Doggy began life at a fairground, was gifted on holiday and is by far the most loved and cherished of my daughters’ possessions. Polly is a huge blue monkey puppet who she picked out herself and who has supported her through thick and thin by breaking the ice or just providing a big fluffy hug.

That special cuddly friend in a child’s life can be so special, cherished, and comforting. Therefore Doggy, and Polly too are a huge part on our daughter’s life, and our family life too. That very real connection children have for their favourite soft toy, is truly special, and something to be admired.

I also love plush because of my career before Binky, plush is not easy to get just right, and I know the work involved in getting there. To make that face so super cute, that paw just the right size, to ensure they are both snuggly and sit plus are super safe for our little people. It’s important stuff!

So be it a sloth, a monkey, a walrus, or a bunny I hope your loved ones have a ‘Doggy’ or a ‘Polly’ who will bring the same comfort and love to their little hearts, and hopefully they will do a Binky too when they first meet!

Competition details bellow! 

Competition time!

Before I sign off, here are some top tips for traveling with our favourite friends, which must say we didn’t get away with, with Doggy, good luck! 

If you're able, do buy a backup, but don't do as I did, and do wait until kid and No1 plush have bonded. Or you too will have a shelf of unloved teddy couples in your life! 

If you can't get a backup, try not to take No1 on holiday, have a holiday friend who's a similar size and fabric so easier to comfort in place of No1, but practice before your holiday! 

If all else fails and like us you have a Doggy in your lives, take photos or style like Paddington and add a name tag! So, if he or she is left behind you have a greater chance of safe return.

A Binky is a hop and a skip of sheer joy.

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