Festival season… Lets go!


Festival season… Lets go!

Some say festivals are not the place for kids, we say not so true! Yes, there are some festivals that are not so child friendly, and in honesty you need to be flexible with your parenting styles to make festivals work. Increasingly there are many festivals that really are catering for the whole family!

Great! We’re in so how do we ensure everyone has a great time? More importantly that one person doesn’t end up feeling like they’re planning a military offensive… while the rest of the gang go wild.


Here’s our festival like a pro list!

Kids are not great at carrying stuff, why, well in fact who wants to? Invest into a camping cart or even better get down with the parents who know how to do festivaling well and invest into a Radio Flyer cart – dress it up and created your very own festival wagon! You can take it around with you the kids will have somewhere to chill and you won’t feel like the festival pony all weekend! 

Once your trolly has carried all your camping kit – well then it can carry the kids! Win win! 

No trolly, don’t go buggy free! In fact, even if your buggy hasn’t been used for a while do take one, your littlest partier in partying will love you even more for having it with you. 

Save their ears! Ear guards may not win anyone a fashion award but really and seriously are a must! 

Snacks, snacks and more drinks, festival food and drinks are expensive and remember kids can’t just wait so don’t fall foul of the festival munchies. 

Something to settle, lots of grown-ups out having fun can be pretty scary for some children, so make sure to be open to taking a break and also that a cuddly friend comes along too. This is where the festival trolly comes in, they make a great personal space!

Fun games and plenty to do, from shadow puppets to a cuddly friend, and definitely a colouring pack… Unless you plan to be the entertainment from dawn through to bedtime, check out our festival collection for some top toys and games designed to play and entertain, even when you’re our and about! 

A charging pack for your phone and some noise cancelling headphones, and some pre-downloaded audio books and maybe the odd film… go on you deserve it! 

Finally, pack in your little ones backpack or pocket or even pop one on their wrist, an air tag or something similar… If you can’t or don’t fancy this grab a sharpie or even better use a tattoo pen and write your mobile number somewhere on their clothing or even on them or in their shoe so if they get lost someone can easily get hold of you. 

For more tips and festival lists head over to FestivalKiz it’s a great site for getting top tips plus there’s a full list of festivals and reviews too! Babes about town have got a great list of kid friendly festivals to attend! 

Wishing you the best and dry hopefully festival season!

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