Binky Packaging


Binky Packaging

It is the experience of unwrapping a gift that establishes your relationship and enjoyment of one of your favourite belongings.

That beautiful item from your favourite boutique, wrapped and packaged in the most stunning bag, or box? Shouldn’t children also experience the enjoyment of receiving a beautiful item wrapped and packaged and ready to cherish?

This is the reason we have invested so much care into the packaging of gifts bought from Binky, creating the experience of receiving something truly special, something to be enjoyed and valued.

We have been thoughtful of our environment too, all our packaging is ethically sourced using organic cotton, FSC certified papers and board, and vegetable inks and dyes.  Using only fully audited & verified supply chains, all our packaging is ethical, biodegradable or recyclable and reusable too!

Why the cotton bag?

When I was a child I had a bag, just like the one we supply with our purchases. I stored all my most favourite things in it to keep them safe, my friends and I all had one, we used to share with each other our favourite toys, my bag contained all my most coveted belongings. As an adult this continues, reusing the cloth bags that often accompany favourite purchases or gifts to then protect or store my most treasured possessions.

We hope all gifts from Binky not only cause a binky when they are opened but in turn also become those favourite things children will covet and want to keep in their own Binky bag.

What’s more the Binky bag can be reused up to 5000+ times, just think of the possibilities!

We chose to source our bags from Bags of Ethics because they share the same philosophy and commitment to sustainability all based on the respect of the rights and wellbeing of people as well as the conservation of our planet. The Binky bag is made from 100% organic and sustainably farmed cotton, it is not dyed and has been printed using non–toxic inks to protect waterways. It was manufactured in an ethical factory which respects its employees and is at the heart of its community.

You can reuse this bag many times it is also biodegradable so once you have finished with it in time simply disappears, there has also been no single use plastic used within its manufacture, so it really does not leave a footprint.

At Binky we love to find new ways of re-using things, please send us your pictures of how you have reused your Binky bag and share in our love of giving everything another life.

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A Binky is a hop and a skip of sheer joy.

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