Binky into your best holiday with some of our tips for the journey!


Binky into your best holiday with some of our tips for the journey!

At binky we believe holiday’s start with the journey, so why not make the journey as fun as possible for you, your kids, and your fellow travellers? Here are some Binky tips to start your holiday on the best foot and pack well to keep kids entertained, comforted and calm on your journey.


  1. Pack light for the flight but don’t try to holiday with hand luggage only. It will ease your route through the airport and ensures less stress all round. For your flight take a small toy bag, keeping all your travel toys in one place, a Binky bag is perfect for this.
  2. Pack a new cuddly toy, a little one like their favourite. Traveling for little ones is stressful so someone to comfort them will really help. Plus, this avoids the risk of losing their favourite friend, Fred bear is an ideal travel partner both super small and cute.
  3. Pack a story book, it’s so comforting to be read to and will break up the time. It’s a great idea to choose a favourite character or holiday theme.
  4. Noise cancelling headphones, a tablet plus and audio book or two. Audio books are the best not only to help little ones off to sleep when its noisy but also great for car journeys.

  1. A collection of new toys, penny toys are ideal. Gift them through the journey, giving kids target points through the journey helps avoid boredom. Not all kids will sit and watch a film so keeping little hands busy and minds entertained is a must.
  2. Focus on creative play, like sticker sheets, our Poppik fist sticker cards are ideal or colouring sets like these colouring pockets are great. Take crayons or pencils, a marker wheedling toddler in a confined space is no one’s friend. Likewise steer clear of slime or putty.
  3. If old enough try to take a small travel game, even Tic Tac Toe can fill an hour or so. For older kids a magnetic game compendium is a perfect travel partner.
  4. Try to avoid models and puzzles, losing ‘that’ piece on a plane can spell disaster, we learnt the hard way.. 
  5. To squeak or not to squeak, not to squeak is the answer be kind to your nerves and choose quiet toys, go battery free. Enjoy a quiet moment if you can and take a minute or two for you.
  6. Don’t forget the snacks, let’s face it we all get hungry and especially kids. So be prepared pack snacks, take extra. Take an empty reusable bottle then you can refill to your hearts content and be confident of less spills. 
  7. Arrange a kid’s meal, if you have a meal on the flight, you can often arrange a kids option in advance. If you can’t, take a sandwich, I normally pick up a sandwich even if a kids meal is on order.
  8. Finally, and because you never know; tissues, wipes and a change of clothes, maybe even pj’s, plus a couple of plastic bags. 


Remember its rare a journey will go hiccup free, but don’t focus on the what’s gone wrong. Focus on the experience and the excitement especially for a little person traveller.  Celebrate all the interesting and new things they will see, the strange markings on the airport floor, the pigeon on the platform or all the new vehicles on the way.  Embrace the beauty of the clouds out of the window and remember take a breath.

 So, at a time when all parents of young kids are asking the question what to pack and ‘Too many toys or not too many toy’s’, we at Binky say pack the right ones and you’ll have a fabulous break.  For some inspiration check out our holiday collection and our next post all about toys for when you get to your destination.

A Binky is a hop and a skip of sheer joy.

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