Babies first Christmas and the littlest ones Gift guide


Babies first Christmas and the littlest ones Gift guide

Babies first Christmas is such a special occasion, a time to cherish, it can be tough to get it just, right? My answer to this conundrum is ‘really don’t buy a lot’, bar humbug I hear you shrill.

In seriousness and this is coming from the lady who runs a toy shop! What matters at this age is cuddles, they really don’t need much, my advice for tiny ones under 6 months, treat Mummy & Daddy. They probably could do with being made to feel extra special this Christmas! So how about treating them to a lovely hamper, or and afternoon tea delivered home, Cutter & Squidge deliver some of the most wonderful, sweet treats UK wide. Or how about an afternoon of pampering at the or a lovely hamper of treats from the Cowshed to paper at home, or foodie treats from Daylesford Organic you will find something they will truly appreciate at home or to eat, I’m sure!

If, however you feel you really must, a little sensory toy, soother or rattle will do, or buy a keepsake gift something that can be cherished and will last, something truly special for instance this beautiful permanence box, or a classic music box.  If you check out our new-born and too cool for school section, we have some beautiful artisan gifts which will fit the bill.

At six months or just before, baby will start sitting and the fun really begins! They can sit and play a little more, so how about a classic toy like our little play cups. Or if you’re going to go large how about something like the scoot and ride a toy that will last for years and grow with baby, Push and pull toys are also perfect, we also love the Moover range, classic toys designed to last, but they are more suited for babies who are 12 months +

Just in case here’s our curation of gifts perfect for your littlest this Christmas.

Here are some hints to ensure a perfect gift:

Toy manufacturers advise ages, not only for safety reasons but also developmental. Enjoy the moment and buy gifts that suit baby’s age. 

If it says 3 years + it really is meant for a pre-schooler. Little one may well be able to play well with it but could also struggle then loose interest. 

Rattles and soothers are always a lovely gift and will be played with for far longer than you might think. The more colourful and playable the better here, this really will delight baby. 

Cuddly friends for tiny babies are best being small just like them, with slender limbs, which enable baby to hold them. Most importantly look out for fluff ribbons and fixings. Follow that age advise and safety, don’t risk it even if it does look super cute! 

Finally wrapping: 

Young children really do struggle with wrap, especially ribbons, plus glitter and confetti really is a no. 

I always advise If you want the unwrapping experience for a very small child wrap with the thinnest wrapping paper you can find using minimal tape and ribbon, my favourite is to wrap with a couple of sheets of tissue, then even the tiniest tot can get on in! 

Cherish this beautiful time, be kind to you and have the most wonderful Christmas!

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