A celebration of Father’s Day.


A celebration of Father’s Day.

A little known fact is that Father’s Day was established in the US in reaction to and to remember the men and children lost in a string of terrible mining accidents at the end of the 19th century, following the second world war this day was adopted internationally. If you would like to read more about the history of Father’s Day, there’s a great article here.

Father’s day doesn’t have to be just about Dads you can celebrate anyone who’s a great mentor or father figure in your and your kids lives? Just imagine how special you could make them feel to be recognised for all they do.

My childhood memories of Father’s Day are not about big shop bought cards and gifting they’re full of spending a day with my Dad having a wonderful time with him, giving him a handmade card and maybe something I had made especially for him.  So why not create lovely memories too on father’s day, by giving a keepsake handmade gift and card to someone you love? They are so much more personal and totally unique. Plus, it’s so much more fun getting crafty and creating a beautiful handmade card or gift to be cherished!

You could use card making set, or how about using a craft kit and mounting your finished piece on a card? Then get crafty for your gift, we have so many lovely craft sets that can be made up and gifted on once made up.  One of my husbands most cherished items when B was little was a friendship bracelet made just for him. 

As a child spending time with my Dad in the garden was one of my most favourite things, planting up our flower beds or in the veggie patch tending our next harvest or sowing seeds. What better way to get our little ones interested in the garden and learn about where our food comes from. Or you could also spend time together designing your next project with our garden designer set, check out our curation Summer Garden for some inspiration and lots of gardening inspired toys.

What is your favourite book to read together? You could recreate your special time as a family by heading out for the day on a Bear hunt, or for a teddy bears picnic? We have a great selection of items ot get us all out with our wild child enjoying nature.

Outdoor games are great for getting everyone together and enjoying each other’s company. We have lot’s of ideas within our selection of outdoor games. One thing that will always get the Dad’s attention is a great game of bowling, we have multiple sets, our Little Skittles set is perfect for everyone, and can even be played indoors because it is made from cork so is both light, and soft.  

Or maybe an afternoon of family boardgames, or working as a team to solve the riddle of an escape room. Have you seen this new concept game of an augmented reality experience to play at home? Amelia’s Secret is suitable for older kids, can they solve the mystery of the haunted mansion!  Transform your living room into a real haunted house thanks to augmented reality. Now I think we all know someone who is happy to get lost in some new technology over the weekend? 

So, enjoy your weekend with those who you love, and cherish your time by making beautiful memories and most importantly having fun!


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