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Big Potato

We've been looking on the internet at some of the things you people have been searching for and it's pretty strange: "Has a monkey ever touched a blue whale?", "Did dinosaurs go to heaven?", "Is ham evil?" – the list goes on.

In this game, we give you the first half of a search, then you have to guess the rest. The more popular your answer, the more points you earn. Just think like a human and you'll be fine.

HUMANS ARE WEIRD This game is about predicting the bizarre things people search for on the internet. For example, “How do I shave my…”

ALL NEW SEARCHES This mini version of the game contains 70 brand new searches. Play it on its own or combine it with the full-sized version for a 230-card slam down

YOU GET TWO GUESSES Your number 1 guess wins you more points if it makes the list. Your number 2 guess is a back up. If you guess the very top search you’ve hit the points jackpot

Game play 20 minutes

Players 3+


Product details

Good to know

Product size

13 x 10 x 5 xm


70 cards, 2 pads

Ideal for

14 years +


Boxed ideal for wrapping


This game is plastic free.

Big potato are making positive changes across they're business. They not only are investing into creating plastic free games, and products. They are working hard to reduce their footprint by reducing their packaging which has multiple benefits in both reducing material usage and also pollution in shipping. 

The bonus of this smaller packaging is that these games take up less space, but also make the games more portable.

If you loose or damage a game piece, Big Potato will replace.

A Binky is a hop and a skip of sheer joy.

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