Educational game for children aged 4 years and up, ideal for learning the concept of time and the seasons. A great 2 in 1: double-sided puzzle and Seek and Find game. Which ill encourage your child to observe nature.

Following the days and seasons has never been easier! With this Seek and Find puzzle-type game, children aged 4 years and up will better understand the concept of passing time and work on their observation skills.

This scalable educational game boasts an activity on each side! The top-side features the events of a day: little ones can then assemble the wooden puzzle pieces, before rotating them to ensure they match on 3 levels.

This will help your toddler learn how daily life is broken up and the different periods, from morning to night. On the back of this educational puzzle, the seasons are within reach: your child can also assemble the pieces and move them around to reconstruct the 4 seasons.

It's a great way of transforming the concept of time – which little ones find rather abstract – into something very concrete, thanks to the manipulation aspect! Your child will discover pretty nature settings and small animals on both sides of this wooden puzzle. They’ll also have a ball spinning the pieces!

This educational game is not just a simple round puzzle, it is also a Seek and Find game which promotes toddlers’ concentration and observation skills! Place the cover provided over one of the sides, then ask your child to find the 10 hidden elements on each puzzle (i.e. 20 in total).

Clever design: the 3 cut-outs on the cover allow you to restrict the observation area: ideal for developing visual acuity!

Product details

Good to know

Product size

Puzzle when finished 27 x 27 cm


1 round wooden base, 12 wooden puzzle pieces, 20 cards and 1 cardboard cover.

Ideal for

4 years +


Boxed ideal for wrapping

FSC-certified wood and plant-based inks.

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