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A bit like an instant camera but way way better! Why? Well this camera prints out your pictures, and only the ones you actually want! Plus at a fraction of the cost of a standard instant camera, oh and what's more you can print STICKERS TOO!!! Soo save those pennies and enjoy no more £1 a pop pics and have way more fun and without feeling the dread of pennies flittering down the drain! Yay! 

Plus there's more, you can film your own videos too!!

The Hoppstar Artist 

Accessibly designed to the highest quality and lightweight for a budding junior photographer, the large buttons make it easy to use and the detachable and interchangeable silicone case offers protection against breakage while providing enough grip to hold and operate the camera.

Hoppstar wants children to use photography to help express their creativity, sharpen their observational skills and develop their fine motor skills. Your child should be able to immerse themselves in a completely new world, experience it as a moment and capture it photographically.

Not every shot turns out as a masterpiece right away, but each camera has the technical capabilities to create one such as face recognition, photo frames and effects to enable children to explore their creativity and build their skills. Each camera comes with a 16GB SD card and USB cable to enable photographs to be saved onto another device or transferred for printing. The Artist comes with additional selfie and video camera functions so would be ideal for children who already have experience with cameras and want additional features to explore their creativity further. As well as an internal printing function allowing you to print black and white images to share and keep forever. 

  • Age group: 5 years +
  • Composition: Plastics (ABS), Silicone, Electronics
  • Box includes: 16GB SD Card, 2-in-1 Lanyard with integrated USB charging cable, 1x on-the-go Adapter Micro USB, 1x on-the-go Adapter USB-C, Manual
  • Automatic camera features: brightness correction, colour correction, face detection, focus, ISO balance. white balance
  • Memory storage: 16GB (up to 8,000 photos)
  • Printing resolution: 200dpi
  • Rechargeable battery (approx 150 minutes charging time)
  • Screen size: 6cm/2.4in

Hoppstar kids cameras are certified according to the following international standards: CE, EN71, RoHS, CCC, MA

The menu is available in 13 European languages: English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian, Slovenian and Spanish.

Product details

Good to know

Product size

14 x 10 x 5 cm boxed dimensions 16 x 16 x 6 cm 


16GB SD Card, 2-in-1 Lanyard with integrated USB charging cable, 1x on-the-go Adapter Micro USB, 1x on-the-go Adapter USB-C, Manual & 3 photo paper rolls.

Ideal for

5 years +


boxed ideal for wrapping


Not only a camera but a printer too, so now you can be totally portable with your prints. Moreover no more expensive instant photo's or your phone being filled with 100's of pics. 

A Binky is a hop and a skip of sheer joy.

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