A simple, engaging story introducing ideas of non-binary identities, tolerance and acceptance to very young readers, from the writer of the critically acclaimed picture book, The Pocket Chaotic.

Alex and Alex have lots of things in common. They love playing, and dressing up and building things. They also are very different to one another; Alex is very messy and Alex is very tidy, Alex likes running and kicking a ball and Alex likes reading and dreaming. After a trip to the museum goes a little bit awry, Alex and Alex have some cooling off time. But they always make up because Alex really really really really really really REALLY…. likes Alex!

This is a book for very young readers introducing ideas of tolerance and friendship in a completely non-gendered way. Neither character is identified as a boy or a girl, and the activities that each one enjoys is a mix of traditional ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ things Aimed at children who are just at the cusp of gender awareness and role-play, it provides a much needed counter-balance to more traditional, binary pre-school literature. Boldly illustrated by Ben Javen.

About the Author

Ziggy Hanaor is an editor and writer living in London. Her previous books include Fly Flies (Cicada, 2019) and The Pocket Chaotic (Cicada, 2020). 
Ben Javens is an illustrator and designer whose drawings have been featured in The New York Times, School of Life, Anorak and The Guardian as well as on products by Hugo Boss, Warburtons and TOMS. He is the illustrator of Two Can (Francis Lincoln, 2016).

Hardback Book

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26.3 x 21.4 cm 32 pages


Hard back story book illustrated in colour throughout.

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Being read to is one of the most beautiful and important things we can do for children. 

To comfort them, and open their imaginations and teach them the beauty of reading.

In the words of Stephen King 'Books are portable magic'

A Binky is a hop and a skip of sheer joy.

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